Learning & Development Solutions

Our Learning Development Professionals (LDP’s) design, develop, and facilitate customized training programs designed to fit your specific organizational need.   We assist in developing leaders at all levels of the organization to work strategically to advance operational goals.   We develop and train directors and members of non-profit boards to enable them to fulfill their governance obligations.

We offer continuous learning modules, in workshop settings, and provide training that is easily replicable by your leaders that can be cascaded within the organization to members of supporting work groups.   Our capabilities include providing on-site or remote training and we offer on-line (self-study) coursework for individuals desiring to work at their own pace. Our soft-skills training library includes more than 100 professional development classes that can be administered in a workshop setting, delivered remote, or taken via a self-study option.

When we customized a training program for your organization or staff, we first identify the message you wish to communicate through the training, whether it involves reinforcement of a desired best practice or purposed specifically for problem resolution. Then we develop and implement a training program that will assist you in solving the problem. We don’t stop there, we follow-up and measure the effectiveness of our work through assessments and other evaluation tools and in the event we need to “refresh” a topic with individual participants, we do so at no additional cost to your organization.