What We Do

We identify and launch solutions that enable you to build from your past successes. We provide real time business process review and consulting services at all business levels; from implementation to retirement. Our team will help setup your business or assist in improving your current business operations. We bring a wealth of diverse business expertise in accounting, administration, operations, human resources, contract management/review, marketing, and branding. We have experience serving clients in the following business markets and industries:

  • Federal, State, and Local governments
  • Non-Profit entities
  • Transportation
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Banking & Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Construction

Business Review & Organization Consulting – Need help with structure, formation, or operations? Our team can help you setup your business or assist in improving your current business processes. She and her team bring a wealth of expertise in accounting, administration, operations, human resources, contract management and review, and marketing/branding.

Strategic Planning

When it comes to planning, one size does not fit all. We know you understand the unique attributes of your firm and how it differs in the marketplace and we work strategically with you to execute a strategy that ensures the marketplace recognizes those same differences plus the value proposition of your organization.


Entrepreneurship Consulting

Entrepreneurship provides many advantages that are not limited to just “being your own boss”. While owning your own business can be exciting, flexible, and provide you with a greater amount of control and freedom over your time and career; business ownership also has its challenges and we stand ready to assist you in getting or keeping your business on the right track for success.


Leadership Development

While there are some people who believe leaders are born, others believe that anyone can become a great leader through beliefs, behaviors, education, training, perception, actions, practice, and experience when given sufficient time. How much time? It varies. There is no right or wrong answer here; regardless of which position you believe the most born vs. made, our leadership development program is designed to increase your leadership impact.


Learning & Development Solutions

Our Learning Development Professionals (LDP’s) design, develop, and facilitate customized training programs designed to fit your specific organizational need. We assist in developing leaders at all levels of the organization to work strategically to advance operational goals. We develop and train directors and members of non-profit boards to enable them to fulfill their governance obligations.


HR Solutions

Human Resource management consulting services at an affordable cost. We help organizations manage one of their most valued assets; staffing. We provide expertise in resolving human capital issues and challenges especially when organizational growth and change occurs. We assist our clients in providing affordable hiring, staff development, and retention strategies. We help your team navigate changes in the business and regulatory environments in which you operate.


Project Management

Our team is certified (CSM) and trained in SCRUM, an Agile but simple framework, designed to assist in completing complex and innovative work projects. The Scrum framework was initially designed for software development projects requiring completion, or delivery, iterative or incremental stages.